We study infectious disease with four main themes:

(1) Ecological, Epidemiological & Evolutionary theory of infectious disease. A central theme of our research is developing general theory on the spread, impact and in particular the evolution of infectious disease and their hosts.  A key current focus of the lab is on the importance of ecology to evolutionary outcomes.  

(2) Lab and fieldwork on insect viruses including vectorborne human disease. We also test theory on the impact of disease using model lab systems and in the field – principally insect virus interactions including bees and human vectors. 

(3) Modeling wildlife disease. We apply models to a wide range of specific disease systems including at the moment TB in Boar and Badgers, viruses in Bees and fungal disease in plants. . 

(4) Modeling human vector-borne disease. We also apply models to understand human vector-borne diseases in particular arboviruses such as Dengue.