Congratulations to Senay on his newest paper – looking at how the foraging plasticity of an invasive ant may be the key to how invasive it is. Read the full paper here.

We’d like to welcome Senay Yitbarek to the lab! Senay has joined us as a post-doctoral fellow following the completion of his PhD in Michigan, and will be developing multi-pathogen experiments in our Plodia system as well as network-based disease models.

Congratulations to Penny on her recent paper on the role of zoophilic Anopheles and malaria transmission – read the full paper here

We would like to a say big and fond farewell to Sean Meaden, who is moving on to his next post-doc position with University of Exeter. Sean has done some fantastic work on our Plodia system, and we look forward to seeing the final papers. Safe journey home Sean.

Congratulations to Rotem on her newest paper! Understanding why different individuals have different viral loads in Dengue infections – read it here (open access).

Both Elisa and Lewis delivered evolution and ecology themed lessons as part of Splash! at Berkeley  –  themes included ‘The Biology of Skin Colour in People’, ‘Evolution of HIV’ and ‘Basics of Bee Biology’.

We are sad to say farewell to our visiting collaborator Matt Silk – Matt was visiting for a month to outline work with Carly Rozins on understanding how contact networks in badgers influence the transmission of bovine-TB within the population. We look forward to the future results!

Lewis has co-authored a new paper assessing the ability of agriculture to reduce demand for pollination whilst still improving yields and produce quality – read the original article here here (open access) or read a news story summary here.

Well done Carly for her new paper on how industrial farming can drive evolution to high virulence in pathogens! Read about it here (open access).

Congratulations to Penny and Mike on their new paper on co-use of repellents and insecticides to combat evolved resistance in malaria mosquitos – read about it here (news article) with the original paper available here (open access).

A (belated) congratulations to Elisa on the publishing of her influenza mutation research – read it here (open access).

Rotem Ben-Shachar has arrived to begin her shared postdoctoral position here at UC Berkeley, joint with the Harris lab. Welcome Rotem!

Ryosuke Iritani has arrived to begin his postdoctoral research with the Boots Lab – welcome Ryo!

Lewis has a new paper out looking at synergistic effects of habitat loss and fragmentation  – read it here (open access).

We’d like to thank our departing visiting professor – Min Su – for her excellent contribution to the lab group this last year. Safe journey home Min!

Carly Rozins has arrived to begin her Postdoctoral Research here at the Boots lab – welcome Carly!

Laura’s 3rd ebola paper has been published – read it here (open access).

Ben’s first invited talk in Lund! BLAM2016_poster.

Congratulations to Senay Yitbarek who has won an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology and will join the lab this summer to work on moths and models.

Elisa Visher has accepted a place in the IB Graduate School and will join us next year to work on moths and models.

Our Deformed wing virus paper is out  – Well done Lena!