Parasites and pathogens continue to cause a major burden to human health, cause significant damage in agriculture and are ubiquitous in nature. We are interested in understanding the evolution and ecology of infectious disease and applying this knowledge to their management and control.

We develop ecological and evolutionary theory and test the theory in insect-virus model systems in the lab and the field. In addition, we apply ecological and evolutionary theory by building epidemiological models of human tropical disease, specific ecological models of wildlife disease and developing evolutionarily rational disease intervention and control strategies.

We are part of the Department of Integrative Biology and Berkeley Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease group.

We are committed to working towards an inclusive future where BIPOC, women, and LGTBQIA+ scholars are treated equitably in all realms of society. We recognize that our field has a long history of racial injustice and are acting to promote antiracist ideas and policies to fight inequality in our lab, the biological sciences, and academia.  For more information, see our Statement of Values and Resource Guide.

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