Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Mentees — Current Positions

Cara Brook — Faculty, University of Chicago, USA

Senay Yitbarek — Carolina Postdoctoral Program, UNC, USA

Carly Rozins  Faculty, York University, Canada 

Penny Lynch — Postdoc Penn State, USA

Ryosuke Iritani  Postdoctoral Fellow, RIKEN, Kyoto University, Japan

Ben Ashby — Faculty, Department of Mathematics, Bath University

Sean Meaden  Marie Curie Fellow, New Zealand

Rotem Ben Shachar  Biotech start up, San Francisco

Katherine Roberts  Postdoc Exeter, UK

Jon Ryder  Own business

Alex Best  Faculty, Department of Mathematics, University of Sheffield

Amy Pedersen  Faculty, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh

Katie Hampson  Faculty, Institute of BAH&CM, University of Glasgow

Ruth Hamilton  Academic Publishing

Grainne Long  Biotech, UK

Steve Webb —  Faculty, Department of Mathematics, Liverpool John Moores

Ben Adams  Faculty, Department of Mathematics, Bath University

Dylan Childs —  Faculty, Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield

Graduate Students — Graduation Year and Thesis Title

Charles Mwandawiro — 2000. “Vector feeding heterogeneities”

Hamady Dieng — 2000. “Breeding preferences of vector mosquitoes”

Michael Mealor — 2004. “Spatial structure and host-parasite interactions”

Martin Miller — 2006. “Adaptive dynamics and resistance”

Edward Jones — 2006. “Modelling conflict between natural enemies”

Alice Laughton — 2007. “Within host evolutionary dynamics of parasites”

Aungkana Sajeeng — 2007. “Insect immunity to viruses”

Sally Bell — 2009. “Invasions and disease transmission”

Alex Best — 2009. “The evolution of resistance: the role of population structure”

Basit Sajeed — 2012. “Dengue Fever in Pakistan”

Hannah Tidbury — 2012. “Mechanisms of insect immunity to viruses”

Ruari Donnelly — 2014. “Lifespan and evolution of disease resistance”

Martin Grunnil — 2014. “Vertical transmission and the persistence of disease”

Robyn Manley — 2018. “Community level impacts of disease emergence”

Lewis Bartlett — 2018. “Spatial structure and parasite diversity: Bee viruses”

Undergraduate Researchers

2020-2021: Melissa Chao, Marina Norfolk, Annika McBride, Diego Gonzalez Ventura, Tomas Le, Niklas Blanadet

2019-2020: Dina Alhassani, Nilbert Pascual, Nicole DeNamur, Edith Lai, Aren Yarcan, Diego Gonzalez Ventura, Annika McBride, Melissa Chao, Alyssa Chang, Stacy Ahn, Tomas Le, Niklas Blanadet

2018-2019: Hannah Mahjoub, Tanya Kumar, Nilbert Pascual, Annika Avery, Dina Alhassani, Nicole DeNamur, Edith Lai, Aren Yarcan, Melissa Chao

2017-2018: Yazmin Haro, Khadija Soufi, Vivian Hoang, Zoha Momin, Prempal Athwal, Claire Bang, Aleeza Sheikh, Zohal Sarwary, Tanya Kumar, Nilbert Pascual, Hannah Mahjoub