CV Mike Boots



2015-present  Professor, Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley. USA.

2014-2015       Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter.

2011-present  Professor of Disease Biology, The University of Exeter.

2007-2011       Professor of Disease Biology, The University of Sheffield.

2004-2007       Reader in Disease Biology, The University of Sheffield.

2001-2004       Reader in Ecology, University of Stirling.

2000-2005      NERC Advanced Postdoctoral Fellow.

1998-2000       Lecturer/Centre of Excellence Postdoctoral Fellow.Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University. Japan.

1996-1998       European Union Science and Technology Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Laboratory of Theoretical Biology, Kyushu University, Japan.

1993-1995        Royal Society/Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Laboratory of Population Biology, Kyoto University, Japan.


2014    Fellow of the Society of Biology

2014    Visiting Professor, Graduate University of Advanced Studies (Sokendai) University, Japan.

2010    Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin Fellowship.

2009    Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship.

2003    Visiting Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Japan.

2000    Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship.


1993 PhD. – University of Liverpool, UK. “Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of a Host-Pathogen Interaction” Supervisor: Prof. Mike Begon (NERC studentship).

1988    B.Sc. – Ecology. Leeds University, Leeds, UK.


 External appointments

2015                            Member ZELS Independent Programme Advisory Group (ZIPAG)

2014                            Chair of panel for the NERC/BBSRC/Scottish Government programme on Soil Security

2014                            Member or BBSRC, ZELS initiative panel

2012-2014                   External examiner: MSC in Quantitative Biology in Imperial College

2012-Present             Associate editor for Ecology and Evolution

2010-2014                   Member REF 2014, UoA5 Biological Sciences sub-panel

2009-2014                   Panel Chair, NERC

2008-2014                   Member of NERC Peer review College

2006-2014                   Editor Journal of Animal Ecology

2001-Present             Associate editor for Ecological Research

2009                            Member or MRC, ESEI initiative panel

2009                            Member DFG Review Panel, “Host-parasite co-evolution”

2004-2007                  External examiner for Computing and Biology, University of Warwick

2004-2007                  Member of NERC Peer review College

2002                            Member of NERC EMS Programme Steering Committee

Administrative roles (Exeter)

Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer, College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Member of the University’s Senior Management Group

Member of University Senate

Member of University Research and Knowledge Transfer Strategy Committee

Member of College of Life and Environmental Sciences Executive Group

Chair of College Research Strategy Group

University Strategic Academic Lead for NERC

Chair of University NERC strategy Board

Administrative roles (Sheffield)

Head of the Animal and Plant Sciences Ecology Research Group

Member of Departmental Policy Committee

Member of the University Skills and Training committee

Graduated PhD Students

  1. Michael Mealor. NERC. 2004. “Spatial structure and host-parasite interactions”.
  2. Martin Miller. BBSRC. 2006. “Adaptive dynamics and resistance”.
  3. Edward Jones. NERC EMS. 2006. “Modelling conflict between natural enemies”.
  4. Alice Laughton. NERC. 2007. “Within host evolutionary dynamics of parasites”
  5. Aungkana Sajeeng. NERC Dorothy Hodgkins. 2007. “Insect immunity to viruses”.
  6. Sally Bell.      2009 “Invasions and disease transmission”.
  7. Alex Best. NERC. 2009 “The evolution of resistance: the role of population structure”.
  8. Basit Sajeed (Pakistan Government). 2012. “Dengue Fever in Pakistan”.
  9. Hannah Tidbury. NERC. 2012. “Mechanisms of insect immunity to viruses”.
  10. Ruari Donnelly (Heriot-Watt) 2014. “Lifespan and evolution of disease resistance”.
  11. Martin Grunnil, NERC. 2011-2014.  “Vertical transmission and the persistence of disease”

Destinations of previous Postdoctoral Research Associates

Katherine Roberts       Head of Bee research DEFRA

Alex Best.                    Faculty, Department of Mathematics, University of Sheffield

Ben Adams                 Faculty, Department of Mathematics, Bath University

Steve Webb                Faculty, Department of Mathematics, Strathclyde University

Dylan Childs                Faculty, Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield

Ian Sorrell                    Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Liverpool